New York Gun Laws

Bloomberg Crony Challenged on Gun Show “Loophole” Lie

The opening half of a National Public Radio show was given solely to one of New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg's cronies - John Feinblatt, the city's Criminal Justice Coordinator. The first words out of Feinblatt's mouth, advocating closing the so-called 'Gun Show Loophole' during that segment were provably false.

New York Assembly Passing Series of Gun-Control Bills

The New York Assembly continues to chip away this evening on a package of bills to combat gun violence. The legislation would help police investigate illegal firearms, prohibit felons from buying guns, require child-proof devices on guns, and banning advanced firearms and ammunition used to kill police officers, according to the Assembly.

New York Bill Would Require Handgun License Renewal

When Jiverly Wong walked into a Binghamton immigrant services center this month and killed 13 people, he was legally permitted to have the 9 mm and .45-caliber handguns used in the rampage. But that might not have been the case if state law had required him to periodically renew his gun license, contends (sic)...