Gun Photos: Best AR-15 Optics

From military to police, to competition and survival uses, there's an optics solution ideal for your AR-15. Patrick Sweeney takes a look at some of the newest and very best scopes and red dots for the AR-15 platform.

1/4-minute clicks on scope

Wayne van Zwoll Explains: Minute of Angle and Milliradian (Mil)

Though shooters carry the terms as common coin, not everyone can define “minute of angle” and “mil” (milliradian). Minute of Angle A minute of angle, usually used as a measure of group size or shot dispersion, spans 1.047 inch at 100 yards. Call it an inch. But as it is an angular measurement, its...

The 2 3/4x Redfield on this M70 is Wayne’s idea of a fine all-around big game sight. Note low mount.

Wayne van Zwoll: Get the Right Scope for the Right Rifle

A lever-action carbine is as lithe under a scope as a sports car under a roof rack. On a double rifle, optics make no sense at all. While my aging eyes need glass for sharp aim, not all rifles need glass to be useful. Many animals are shot very close to the muzzle. In...


Nikon M-223 Scope: A Match Made in Heaven?

Nikon is jumping into the AR market with both feet. The new M-223 scope line offers classic Nikon quality, built into scopes (six models in all) specifically designed for the trajectory of the .223 Rem/5.56 NATO round with a 55-grain polymer-tipped bullet, the new BDC 600 reticle offers shooters unique open-circle aiming points and...

Carlos Hathcock, Winchester Model 70 Long-Tube Scope

Leatherwood/Hi-Lux Offers Vintage USMC Sniper Scope

Leatherwood/Hi-Lux is offering a reproduction of the long-tube style USMC scope. For lovers of vintage military arms, this is indeed exciting news — reigniting the long lost feelings one has as a kid staring at the ceiling waiting for Christmas morning to arrive.


Video: Understanding Mils (Milliradians)

NSSF's Ryan Cleckner explains the measurement term "milliradian" (mil) and how to use a mil-dot scope to measure the distance to your target at the range and in the field.

Report from the Field: Optics

An upbeat SHOT Show can trigger irrational exuberance and the marketing of products with no real utility. Alas, such items appear even in somber times. In this report Wayne Van Zwoll winnows that chaff and separates the worthy from the merely recent in the world of optics.