Semi-Automatic Pistols


New HK45C Storms Through Best Ranger Competition

Take a new pistol out of its box and subject it to field conditions in the hands of some of the toughest, most dedicated men in the U.S. Army and it will either fail the test or pass on its own merits. The HK45C passed.

Gun Review: SIG P-250

The P-250 is pure SIG and when you get your hands on one, you can feel the quality. This is one pistol that can become anything you want and will serve many purposes for many users.

Gun Review: Taurus PT 24/7 OSS DS

When Taurus originally came out with the 24/7 line, everyone talked about the ergonomics, light weight and wonderful grip.  Now the 24/7 OSS DS offers all these features plus a longer barrel and sight radius and the new double strike feature lets you simply pull the trigger again on a misfire.