Texas Gun Laws

Concealed carry at Texas A&M?

Texas A&M Students Want Concealed Carry on Campus

Recently, the Student Senate at Texas A&M University passed a measure requesting campus-wide concealed carry. As reported by the student newspaper, The Eagle, "The student senate voted 38-19 to ask A&M university officials and state lawmakers to permit concealed carry license holders to bring handguns inside university buildings."

Day, Liebowitz and Pirrong: Guns Make Colleges Safer

Mass public shootings are a horrific feature of modern life. Many of the bloodiest examples of this scourge have occurred on college campuses. As professors, we are particularly sensitive to this danger. Despite this we support a bill currently pending in the Texas Legislature that would permit the concealed carrying of firearms on college...

Armed Hero Saves 4 Lives

There's nothing like a justifiable homicide to bring out the bigotry resting in the heart of Old Media reporters. Last week, Demario Brown, on the run from police, held up two women at gunpoint and forced them into the house they were visiting, and then held two additional victims at gunpoint while demanding money...