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Sawdust firestarter

Video: How to Make a Sawdust Firestarter

This video shows how to make a sawdust firestarter. If sawdust isn’t readily available, substitute another combustible material. A common choice is dryer lint. The process is the same. Put the material into the egg carton sections. Dump wax into the sections. Let cool. Break off the sections and use as needed. But even...

Information on cold weather survival

Cold Weather Survival Tips

One of the most difficult survival situations is a cold weather scenario. Every time you venture into the cold, you are pitting yourself against the elements. Using these cold weather survival tips, proper planning and appropriate equipment, you can overcome the elements of cold. Note that “cold” depends on your geography. Below-freezing temperatures in...

Kevin Michalowski, Senior Editor Gun Digest the Magazine

Senior Editor Kevin Michalowski Leaves Gun Digest

  by Kevin Michalowski The Nov. 5, 2012, edition is my final issue as senior editor of Gun Digest the Magazine. It also marks the end of nearly 15 years here at the offices of Gun Digest. I have taken the job of executive editor at Concealed Carry Magazine, combining my love of guns...

Wilderness Survival Tips for Hunting

Wilderness Survival Tips for Hunting Season

With deer hunting, turkey hunting, predator hunting, trapping season and a slew other fall outdoors activities upon us, it's important to review survival plans in case things take a turn for the worst. Here are some wilderness survival tips for hunting season.

The best zombie guns

Best Zombie Guns for Halloween

As Halloween approaches and the dead prepare to rise and walk the earth, what a better way to train for the coming zombie apocalypse than with rapid-fire assaults on zombie targets?

Massad Ayoob on Stand Your Ground Laws

Massad Ayoob Goes Beyond Stand Your Ground Laws

    Massad Ayoob: Stand Your Ground Laws and Concealed Carry Expert If the video above isn’t enough to prove Massad Ayoob’s expertise on Stand Your Ground laws, his new book, Gun Digest Book of Concealed Carry 2nd Edition, should lay any doubt to rest. This updated volume covers the hottest issues surrounding concealed...

Wheelgun information

Big-Bore Revolvers: The Best Revolvers in One Book

The photo gallery above features some of the best revolvers in the world. They’re just a taste of what you can expect in Big-Bore Revolvers. The Best Revolvers, Big-Bore Style The best revolvers of the big-bore persuasion appear in Big-Bore Revolvers, by Max Prasac. Big-Bore Revolvers, by Max Prasac, is one of the best...